Monday, January 16, 2012


On the 22nd of December 2011, an article appeared in the Standard Newspaper under the heading "Protect Us, Prostitutes tell government". These prostitutes alleged that the police were harassing them, and forcing them to have unprotected sex. They were therefore asking for the government to protect them from the police(an arm of the same government they are asking to protect them). The Thika OCPD came out strongly defending his officers, and he did actually informed the public that he will make sure that he eradicates the vice completely in that city. That was a very good idea. He further stated that he was going to investigate about the harassment claims, and take action on those  officers  who will be found to have harassed the complainants(prostitutes).As at the time I am writing this article, I have not seen anything regarding this case.
The prostitutes reminded the OCPD that their profession was the oldest on earth, and event  during Christ's time, Jesus never condemned them but asked them to go and sin no more( John :8). It was Rahab the prostitute who saved the spies who had gone to spy the city of Jericho( Joshua 2, :6, Hebrews : 11:31, James 2:25).  Jesus' great , great(many greats) was Rahab the harlot.Why do we harass of them? Rahab even gave the spies the hope of taking the city. Why did God use her?
   The OCPD is right to say that he wants to eradicate the vice in that city.But how can he do it? Prostitution like any industry is vulnerable to competition, an dis therefore subject to the laws of demand and supply. These laws are more strong than the laws enacted by parliament. One labour market that has been dominated women in centuries is prostitution. Who buys the services of prostitutes? Men. Why do they do so? Men have always wanted free sex, but are never satisfied. Prostitutes therefore come in to satisfy that demand(deficiency). For the right price, the prostitutes are willing to these men. Now, by arresting them(prostitutes), what the OCPD is doing is creating scarcity of services offered by prostitutes. The effect of this scenario is: the price will go up. The few prostitutes will increase their price, and this will attract more women to enter the market because of the price. What the OCPD should do is to go for those people who buy the services of the prostitutes. If men who buy those services are arrested, there will be more supply, but less demand, and this will bring down the price, and therefore discourage more entrants to the market as the prices will be too low to sustain the suppliers(prostitutes). What the OCPD should know is that the more arrests he makes, the more the services will be demanded, which will lead to more people(prostitutes) entering the industry. For example, if men who buy the services are caught and are castrated, the market will contract very quickly. Therefore, Bwana OCPD, if you want to eradicate the vice(which is a good idea), arrest the buyers of the service, not the supplier.

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